Our Services

Bins / Cages / Bulka Bags

Need to store goods without hassle? We offer bins, cages and bags in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We can also provide custom solutions that are manufactured to meet your requirements.


Whether you want to arrange collection of scrap metal in Campbellfield or elsewhere in the northern suburbs, we can make it happen with our convenient collection service. We have a fleet of trucks available to pick up scrap metal for recycling, plus we can also provide tailored solutions for areas with difficult access.


We accept a wide range of scrap metal types and other recyclable goods at our scrap yard within trading hours. This is the best option if you’d like to maximise your potential revenue. We also have a 24-hour drop off bay coming soon that will accept scrap metal in Thomastown at all times.


Our team can provide you with manpower and resources for carrying our decommissioning operations. Speak to us today to discuss your specific requirements.


We provide accurate quotes to help you determine if there will be a fee involved or if you could get revenue for your scrap metal and other materials. Get in touch with our team today to request a quotation.


We can facilitate exportation of a wide range of scrap metals. Speak with our team to find out more about our export services.

What We Buying

  1. White good Recycling
    White good Recycling
  2. Mixed Metal Recycling
    Mixed Metal Recycling
  3. Insulted Cables
    Insulted Cables
  4. Home Applicances
    Home Applicances
  5. Commercial Refrigeration
    Commercial Refrigeration
  6. Building Materials
    Building Materials
  7. Air Conditioners
    Air Conditioners
  8. Aluminum Cans
    Aluminum Cans
  9. Aluminum Recycling
    Aluminum Recycling
  10. Aluminum Sheet
    Aluminum Sheet
  11. Aluminum Wheel
    Aluminum Wheel
  12. Appliance Recycling
    Appliance Recycling
  13. Automotive Parts
    Automotive Parts
  14. Brass Fittings
    Brass Fittings
  15. Copper Pipes
    Copper Pipes
  16. Copper Wire
    Copper Wire
  17. Electric Cables
    Electric Cables
  18. Electric Motors and Part
    Electric Motors and Part
  19. Extruded Aluminum
    Extruded Aluminum
  20. Heat Exchangers and Radiators
    Heat Exchangers and Radiators
  21. Lead Acid Batteries
    Lead Acid Batteries
  22. Lead Recycling
    Lead Recycling
  23. Recycling Aluminum
    Recycling Aluminum
  24. Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel
  25. Washing Machines
    Washing Machines
  26. Compressor
  27. Plumbing Parts
    Plumbing Parts
  28. E-Waste

Why Choose Us


Central Location

Located near Epping in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Off-street parking available & close to the pacific Epping shopping center.

15 Years Experience

Formed in 2005, we have been in business for 15 years. Our team has years more collected experience and specific knowledge.

Family Business

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd is a local, family run scrap yard with a reputation for honesty, fairness and putting our customers’ interests first.

Commercial Decommission

Our team can decommission commercial factories and metal structures including any industrial machinery, and arrange removal for scrapping.

Onsite Recycling Bins

Commercial size bins for industrial metal waste can be delivered onsite and rotated on schedule for efficient management of your resources.

Free Collection

Our modern truck fleet is available for collection of vehicles in the western suburbs and industrial loads by arrangement.

Our Testimonials

 It’s nice to come to some place and know I’m going to get excellent service. I’ve been to other places and keep coming back to Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd because I know I get the best service. 

Dolcy G

 All of the employees are very prompt and respectful. I am confident that they are paying the best prices and very happy with the overall experience. The employees are helpful with any questions I have. 

Rashed B

 Great service and the staff have a great sense of humour and always great fun while cashing in your scrap metal. 

John Coyle

We are standing by to answer your call