Are you a construction contractor or a builder with a massive amount of metal scrap lying around in your yard?

If yes, we have a solution!

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated scrap metal dealer in Melbourne, which specializes in collecting, dismantling, and recycling various kinds of scrap metals resulting from the construction of buildings.

We buy tons of metal scrap from construction contractors.

Whether you are working for a brand-new construction or a renovation/remodelling project, our tailored services will accommodate all your unique requirements. We are one of the prominent stainless steel scrap dealers in Melbourne. However, we also buy tons of construction scrap metal that includes brass, copper, lead, PVC wires and cables, iron and aluminium.

We are just a call away!

Don’t worry about transporting the scrap to us. We will take care of it. Just call us and our trained team will come to collect recycle scrap from your construction site. We collect and recycle copper pipes and wires, all kind of metal ductwork, aluminium fencing, metal roofing, etc.

Moreover, we will buy brass hardware, copper roofing and pipes, architectural metal castings, and other metal scrap produced due to construction projects.

Why Choose Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd?

We are experienced and possess the professional expertise to handle massive-scale projects of collecting, transporting, and recycling different kinds of metal scrap from the construction sites, without harming the environment.

  • We buy your scrap metal at highly competitive prices.
  • Our business model is based on same day scrap and recycling products. Hence you get a quick solution.
  • Moreover, we are equipped with public weighbridge facilities. That means you get the perfect worth of your scrap.

For more information on scrap metal, call us on 03 9018 2572.