Sell PVC cables and wires scrap lying on your premises and earn money!

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd is here to help you!

We are one of the leading, fully licensed and privately owned scrap metal company in Melbourne.

We recycle scrap metal in the most eco-friendly manner! We have expertise in sorting, dismantling, and recycling a wide range of metal scrap produced due to huge electrical projects.

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd is your trusted partner for copper scrap recycling.

Since copper has become the most valuable metal in the recent times, and with a rise in the prices of scrap copper, it is undoubtedly a wise decision to sell your electrical scrap to an experienced company like us. Apart from this, we collect and recycle a wide range of electrical scrap metals, everything right from PVC and copper wires, aluminium, brass wires and other electrical materials.

Don’t worry if you have tons of metal scrap! With our skilled workforce and advanced equipment, we will collect scrap, if it weighs in tons and transports it to our facility to recycle it.

We are a reliable and eco-friendly scrapping company.

Useless metals, PVC wires and cables lying in your yard can contaminate the environment, harm the soil-quality and also affects your worker’s health.

Don’t let the scrap metal contaminate your landfills. Sell it to you reliable scrapping company.

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd provides reliable, eco-friendly, and hassle-free metal scrap services in Melbourne. We offer extensive electrical scrap clearance services that also include collecting and recycling tons of useless metal without harming the environment.

Moreover, strictly adhere to health, safety, and environmental requirements while recycling the scrap. We have a team of trained workforce with a knack to handle and manage the massive scrapping project with utmost efficiency.

For more information on scrap metal, call us on 03 9018 2572.