An industrial unit whether it is a factory or a warehouse produce tons of metal scrap. And most of the time, the scrap gets accumulated in the junkyard, eventually affecting worker’s health and the environment.

But, with Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd you can dispose of the industrial scrap without any hassles.

We will collect aluminium scrap from your yard!

We buy a large chunk of scrap metal like iron, copper, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and so on from industrial units. We specialize in collecting, sorting, dismantling, and recycling metal scrap without harming the environment. At Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd, we understand each industry has its unique requirements. Therefore, we provide tailored scrap metal collection plans to cater to individual needs.

Sell your scrap and get the best prices!

We aren’t bragging, but when it comes to scrapping metal collection and transport, we offer it at highly competitive prices. Being a fully licensed and privately owned and operated company, we are committed to recycle and reuse the scrap metal to create a positive impact on the environment and reduce carbon footprint.

We are your trusted scrapping partner.

We offer reliable, eco-friendly and hassle-free metal scrap services. We provide an extensive scrap clearance service from various industrial units that includes useless wires, cables, machinery or machinery parts and so on.

Moreover, we follow the scrapping process with strict adherence to health and safety of your workers and environmental requirements.

We have highly trained team always ready to provide hassle-free mobile scrap collection in Australia at competitive prices.

We are equipped with the necessary resources and equipment to collect a large quantity of scrap metal. With our service-oriented approach, we look beyond the collection and transport of your metal scrap in Australia. We sort, dismantle and recycle the scrap metal in an eco-friendly manner.

For more information on scrap metal, call us on 03 9018 2572.