Sell massive quantities of scrap metal to us and earn money!

Vehicle wrecking results in tons of scrap metals – both ferrous and non-ferrous. These scrap metals lying in the landfills causes damage to your workers and the environment.

Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd buy scrap from wreckers from all over Melbourne.

We provide services for the wrecking industry, farm properties, or any industry where large amounts of scrap motor vehicles are available.

We also buy scrap batteries!

Wreckers junkyards have used batteries lying around. It is a tricky job to efficiently discard the used batteries since it can cause an adverse effect on our environment. At Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd, we provide you with a solution for the used batteries.

We collect batteries and recycle them responsibly to reduce the negative impact on the environment. At Auss Metals Recycling Pty Ltd, we strictly adhere to health, safety, and environmental standard.

For more information on scrap metal, call us on 03 9018 2572.