Aluminum Scrap in Your Yard

Looking to declutter your yard and make a little extra cash? Look no further than the aluminum scrap hiding in plain sight! Aluminum is one of the most recycled metals on Earth, and with good reason. Recycling it saves energy, reduces pollution, and puts valuable materials back into use. So, how can you turn your yard into an aluminum treasure trove?

Aluminum Scouting:

  • Can Castaways: Keep an eye out for runaway beverage cans. Even crushed cans hold recycling value.
  • The Siding Shuffle: Is your house due for a siding upgrade? Aluminum siding is a prime candidate for scrap yards, though be sure to remove any insulation first. The same goes for old gutters.
  • The Grill Game: Has your trusty grill finally given up the ghost? Many grill parts, especially the lighter components, are aluminum.
  • The DIY Detective: Did a home improvement project leave behind leftover aluminum sheets, wires, or flashing? These can all be recycled!

Aluminum A-Team:

Once you’ve amassed your aluminum army, a few steps will maximize your earnings:

  • Sort it Out: Scrap yards often categorize aluminum, so separate your finds (e.g., cans, siding, etc.). This makes processing quicker and potentially more profitable.
  • Clean Up Crew: While a little dirt might be okay, heavily contaminated aluminum may be rejected. Remove any oil, paint, or other materials before heading to the yard.
  • Size Matters: Some yards may have minimum weight requirements. If you have a smaller collection, team up with a neighbor or hold onto it until you have a larger haul.

Aluminum Ally: The Scrap Yard

  • Find Your Yard: A quick web search or local directory should reveal scrap yards in your area. Call ahead to inquire about pricing and acceptable materials.
  • Weigh and Pay: Most scrap yards weigh your aluminum to determine its value. Prices fluctuate, so don’t expect to get rich, but it can be a rewarding way to declutter and do your part for the environment.

By transforming your yard’s aluminum scraps into recycled riches, you’re contributing to a greener future, one can (or siding panel) at a time. So, grab your gloves, start scavenging, and discover the hidden value in your own backyard!