Benefits of copper wire recycling

Copper is an extremely sought-after metal for recycling due to its efficiency and durability. It is one of the most profitable types of scrap metal and can easily be found in homes or businesses. From old, outdated appliances and electronics, to plumbing and auto parts, there are many places to find scrap copper quickly and easily. This extremely durable metal is often used for wires as it does not lose its electrical connectivity over time. Unfortunately, this means that it does not break down with regular waste, which doesn’t take advantage of its longevity and needlessly fills up landfills.

Copper can be recycled repeatedly for massive environmental and economic benefits. Copper retains its performance despite being recycled multiple times making it an economical metal for a range of industries. The process of recycling copper not only produces less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases and requires less energy and effort than the costly process of extracting and refining raw, virgin iron. Using scrap metal to its full capacity by recovering copper and stripping the shielding from cables and wires, benefits businesses, the environment, and you.  

Looking to sell scrap copper in Melbourne?

To sell scrap copper, strip your copper wires of insulation and attachments and bundle them neatly together. By separating the copper wire from other scrap metals, the wiring is easy to transport and weigh which ensures you get the best price from Melbourne’s best metal recyclers.

With over 50 years of metal recycling expertise,Metal Men Recycling provides streamlined scrap metal recycling services to Melbourne. We take all the hard work of sorting and transporting out of the process with our 24-hour pickup service to benefit your business and the environment.