Benefits of Recycling Electronics

Recycling equals a cleaner environment. If we recycled all our old electrical we would cut as much CO2 as taking 1.3 million cars off the road.

Vast quantities of phones, appliances, and other electronic waste (e-waste) end up in landfill every day, even though most of it can be recycled.

1. It protects the environment

Recycling e-waste can keep a range of harmful materials out of the environment. including fluorescent tubes and lamps, which contains toxic mercury that can leach into waterways when it is thrown into landfill. The same goes for batteries, which can feature lead, mercury, and cadmium.

It reduces business costs

E-waste recycling is not only good for mother nature, it can also be good for a business’s bottom line.There are also some non-tangible dividends of recycling to consider, such as lowering the future costs of non-renewable materials and boosting staff morale and retention.

3. It supports non-renewable recycling

The growing demand for electronic devices and appliances means a range of metals and other non-renewable resources need to be mined and processed.

However, many of the materials used to make smartphones, appliances, and other e-waste can be re-used again.

These resources include steel, aluminum, copper, and gold — not to mention large amounts of plastic that can be turned into new products.