Compressors Business Recycling

Compressors are used in a range of industrial processes to compress gases. These mechanical devices have a life span of a few hundred hours after which they can become large heavy waste items if sent to landfill. A more cost effective solution is for unwanted or broken compressors to be refurbished for reuse.  All types of compressors can be stripped down and reconditioned to selling standard and may second hand dealers will purchase the old or unwanted compressors, making it an smart economic choice compared to landfill. Reconditioned compressors also provide affordable machinery to the community and reduce the demand for the manufacturing of new parts from virgin materials.

A number of second hand machinery dealers and some scrap metal yards buy and sell secondhand compressors. These services many be offered through pick or a drop-off facility.The compressor is stripped down to its individual components, these are then assessed for wear and tear and all reusable parts are cleaned. Where needed worn and delicate parts such as rings and bearings are replaced with new ones. This ensures that the reused parts will be returned to factory condition and that the compressor when reassembled, will function just like a new unit. The refurbished compressor is then tested for leaks and noise levels to assure performance quality.