Easy Air Conditioner Recycling

Air conditioners are believed to be one of the essential appliances in Australian homes. In fact, more than 4.6 million households in the country use at least one aircon. But if you think that air conditioners last forever, you’ll be disappointed. A good quality AC can have a lifespan of up to 15 years. But if you bought a cheaper unit and failed to have it routinely serviced, it may die faster than expected.

The good news is that air conditioners are no longer that expensive. Some even have new technologies that can help make your home more comfortable, especially during the summer. Whether you need a replacement or an upgrade

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units and dehumidifiers contain components that are not so friendly to the environment. The most known is a refrigerant. Certain refrigerants, specifically R22, are banned in the country. However, old aircon units can still be used. Those that were manufactured in the 90s generally come with this refrigerant. The Australian Government aims to have R22 entirely eliminated in households and commercial applications by 2030.

R22 is known to cause great damage to the ozone layer. It produces greenhouse gases, which do not contribute to the well-being of humans and animals.

Apart from refrigerants, aircon units also have foam blowing agents, which emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Although the Government has introduced efforts to stop the proliferation of these materials