Recycle Your Old Kettle

Your household recycling waste is no place for an old kettle. Nor can you throw it into your general waste can. This is because kettles are better for the environment when appropriately recycled. Recycling them also helps to cut down on the waste of precious resources.

#1 Your Local Recycling Center

While you cannot put your old kettle in your home recycling, you can take it to your local recycling center. You can check online to see where the recycling center closest to you is. You can also find out the times they are open and the class of goods they accept. 

Most metal recycling centers will take an old kettle. But it is best to double-check your centers’ websites before you make the journey down there. If you can’t find much information online, most recycling centers have a contact number you can call.

#2 Responsible Appliance Disposal Program

This program does the following:

  • It helps you sustainably dispose of your electrical goods
  • It sends your goods to a recycling facility that has the best practices for handling your goods
  • The program maximizes the recycling potential from your appliance

#3 Return to the Manufacturer

Another way for you to dispose of your old kettle is to return it to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers encourage their customers to return their old electrical appliances. As a reward, some offer a small discount on your next purchase of electrical goods with them.

However, many of the big-name manufacturers will not accept old products back. They encourage their customers to use alternative methods to dispose of their electrical goods. These include recycling and giving unwanted items away.